Marianne Fieglhuber-Gutscher created a remarkable work of oil paintings, watercolors and etchings from the 1910s until her death in 1978. She mainly found her subjects in her environment by using family members and friends as models. So it is mostly people who play the main roles in her paintings. But she also served the still life genre, as her pieces of flower, which are mainly executed in watercolor, show. As a painting woman, like so many of her contemporaries, she always had to assert herself against the prevailing role models. In addition, two world wars interrupted her work. It shows great assertiveness and will that she still managed to get attention as a painter. Her works were regularly exhibited in the Vienna Secession and in the Künstlerhaus and discussed in the contemporary feature pages. In 1977 her works were shown in a solo exhibition in the Upper Belvedere in Vienna. In 1986 and 1989 she was honored posthumously with exhibitions in the Moser Gallery in Graz. In the decades that followed, her work was unfortunately forgotten. Through her granddaughters, the gallery Widder has been managing the painter's artistic legacy since 2020 and has made it its mission to make her work accessible to the general public.

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